Best Dining in Napa: The Top 5 Lists

Despite earthquakes and inch deep hail, the town of Napa in Napa Valley remains the most vibrant community in the Napa Valley for both locals and visitors. It gets this designation based on the continued revitalization it has undergone over the past 10 years, particularly its downtown area. Part of that revitalization includes a key aspect of cultural vitality: good food.

What follows is my current thinking on the Town of Napa and Dining (each list numbered, but not ranked)

Top Five Dining Experiences in Napa
torc1. Torc
2. Toque
3. Oenotri
4. Morimoto
5. Angele

Top Five Single Focus Dining Experience in Napa
zuzu1. Coles (steaks and chops)
2, Zuzu (Tapas/Spanish)
3. Fish Story (Seafood)
4. Bui Bistro (Vietnamese)
5. Smoakville (Barbecue)

Top Five Burger Joints

redrock1. Red Rock Cafe
2. Squeeze Inn
3. Alexis Baking Company
4. Big D Burgers
5, Norman Rose Tavern

Top Five Locals Dining

trancas1. Trancas Steakhouse
2. The Olive Tree
3. The Q
4. Il Posto Trattoria
5. Compadres

Top Five Napa Breakfasts

buttercream1. Boonfly Cafe
2. Soscol Cafe
3. Alexis Baking Company
4. Grace’s Table
5. Buttercream Bakery

Top Five Sources for Raw Ingredients
(because we dine in occasionally)
fattedcalf1. Fatted Calf (Land Flesh, less beef)
2. Osprey Seafood (Seafood)
3. Five Dot Ranch (Beef)
4. Model Bakery (Baked goods/Bread)
5. Shackford’s Kitchen Store (

3 Responses

  1. Kathleen de Vries - October 12, 2014

    Think both UVA and NV Bistro should be on top five locals dining list.

  2. Robert - January 26, 2015

    None of the towns restaurants compare to Bouchon’s ( one of the Keller stores ) ,BUT
    If you really want to hang out with REAL NAPKINS, Its Downtown Joe’s Brewery and Restaurant.
    JUST REAL FOOD and you even get to yell as its real loud..LOL

  3. Tom Wark - January 26, 2015


    It may not be as good, but certainly Angele compares.


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