The New BOOZE RULES Is Required Reading

BoozeRulesVery quietly, and through a series of important posts, the Hinman & Carmichael “Booze Rules” blog has become one of the most important sources of information concerning liquor law anywhere on the Internet. A recent Booze Rules post by John Hinman and John Edwards demonstrates this.

Somewhat directly entitled “ABC DISMISSES SAVE MART GRAPE ESCAPE ACCUSATION BUT REFUSES TO ADOPT JUDGE’S DECISION FINDING NO STRICT LIABILITY FOR ABC VIOLATIONS”, the new Booze Rules post demonstrates how the California Alcohol Beverage Commission has gone to great and underhanded lengths to defend its tendency for arbitrarily charging California alcohol producers and retailers with code violations even in the absence of any evidence that the violations occurred with any corruption in mind, let alone any corrupting effect upon the operation of the alcohol beverage market.

The post by Hinman and Edwards looks at the recent case of how wineries were penalized for tweeting and posting that they would be pouring at the “Save Mart Grape Escape” wine and food event. Those wineries were charged with giving a “thing of value” to Save Mart (a tied house violation) and subsequently received suspensions of their licenses.

Hinman and Edwards describe this saga, the following administrative court case, and how the California ABC avoiding being bitch slapped for their arbitrary and capricious enforcement measures.

It’s fascinating and important reading.

The posts at Booze Rules are written by attorneys. If you are not an attorney, you may have to read the posts slowly to take in the totality of the points being made. If you are in the wine industry, you’ll probably not have too much trouble.

In the end, Booze Rules has become required reading for wine industry participants and one of the best technical wine blogs to emerge.


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