Building A Wall Around Napa and Making THEM Pay

NOThe Nimby movement in Napa County is quickly becoming a laughing-stock. And there is good reason for this all too common response. Consider this tidbit written by Dan Mufson of Napa Vision 2050, the Chief Nimbyist organization:

“Napa’s resident-based agricultural economy is dying. It is quickly being replaced by a corporate-based tourism economy.

Willful ignorance is never a pretty thing. However, it is a desperate thing and that is the only possible explanation for this most ignorant of statements. Shall we count up the 90+% of Napa wineries that are, small and locally owned? Nope. Let’s not do that. That would counter the narrative of willful ignorance.

My guess is that pretty soon the Nimby Contingent in Napa Valley will be calling on the county to build a wall of some sort to keep the wine lovers out of their back yard and they’ll tell us the tourists will pay for it…for that really tall wall.

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  1. Michaela Rodeno - April 5, 2016

    Excellent point, Tom, about the very high percentage of wineries that are (a) small, and (b) family owned — several of the larger wineries are also family owned. And all those families reside here. I think Napa Valley Vintners has some statistics on this if anyone is interested in the facts.

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