The Return of Laura Uncorked

LauraUncorkedI was very happy to discover (and you should be too) that the blog “Laura Uncorked” has resumed publishing.

Laura Uncorked is the work of Laura Burgess, a California Sierra Foothills resident who began publishing her blog back in 2011. However, sometime in the fall of last year she simply stopped writing on Laura Uncorked. She was still accessible via a variety of other publications, particularly VinePair where she is a regular contributor.

It was when reading her current VinePair article today (and slightly disagreeing with her) on “Why ‘California Champagne’ & Other Generic Place Names Need To Go” that I revisited her blog and discovered Laura had returned to her digital home. Apparently, her site had been hacked and, as she puts it, years of work “demolished”.

But she has recovered and the new Laura Uncorked is delightful and beautifully designed.

Burgess’ blog tends to focus on a wide range of issues, seemingly whatever catches her fancy in the world of wine. It’s a LauraBurgessconsumer aimed blog that is casual and educational. Her most recent post advocates freezing berries and using them to replace ice. It’s a nice idea for summer.

Most of all, Burgess writes with a very engaging voice that weaves from the personal to the educational to the whimsical to the investigatory. It’s the kind of writing voice that wears well and will have legs. Burgess is part of the younger crew of writers who are replacing an older set that paved the way for them. They and she are very serious about wine, yet understand that the broader adoption of the beverage in the culture requires a broader, less pedantic approach. She nails this style.

I highly recommend you follow Laura’s writings at Laura Uncorked and at various other venues. She makes for a delightful read no matter where her words show up.

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