Update on Wine PR Guy Tom Wark (Me) and this Fermentation Blog

I haven’t done an “update” of me or this site for readers in some time. Almost ever. So, it was about time. Here’s how to navigate and understand this blog and me:

About the Fermentation Blog
I mainly write about the wine business, wine media, and the link between wine and culture. I love to get story pitches and often respond well to them, but It’s best to keep the pitches aimed at the topics above. I don’t accept paid for or sponsored posts. I post about 3 times per week or more depending on lots of different factors.

Wine Samples
Never taken a one despite being offered hundreds over the years. I simply don’t review wines. That would be a profound conflict of interest given my public relations and media relations work with wineries.

Subscribing to Fermentation
If you want to get an email alert whenever a new post is published at Fermentation, just plop your email in that box over there on the right under the heading “Subscribe to Fermentation Via Email”. Your name and email are safe with me. No one gets them but me.

Advertising on Fermentation
I take it, but I don’t push it. You can learn about the costs of advertising here. It’s pretty inexpensive. the latest readership numbers (October 2017) are 20,000 unique viewers and 30,000 pageviews.

Must Reads
That’s over there on the right side of the blog too. Just below the “subscribe” box. It’s basically past posts I’m proud of or want to highlight. They change occasionally.

Further down on the right side is an archive of every post that has appeared here at Fermentation since November 2004. A little over 3,000 of them. They are organized chronologically by month. Good luck with that.

More About Me
You can click on the “About Tom Wark” and “Accolades” links just below the site’s top banner. it’s moving!

What I do
I’ve provided and continue to provide public and media relations services to wineries, wine tech companies, media companies and wine-related businesses. I’ve done so since 1990. In addition, I’m the executive director of the National Association of Wine Retailers (NAWR). I administer the association, work on issues critical to independent fine wine retailers, organize events for NAWR, lobby and do what EDs do. I manage WineFreedom.org, a site for consumers that want to stay engaged with retailer wine shipping issues. I’m also a big cider nut and publish The Cider Review. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to keep that up-to-date (family and work). But there are a few hundred reviews of ciders and lots fo articles. I’m most likely to be found in my office, with my wife, Kathy Berez, and with my son, Henry George.

Contacting Me
Too many blogs provide little or no contact information about the author(s). I hate that. If you want to email me or call me my contact info can be found under the “Contact” link at the top of the page under the banner.

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