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In the past, I had the opportunity to draw attention to new wine-related blogs that held great potential. I haven’t done much of this lately for reasons that at this time don’t warrant discussion. However, there is a brand new blog I do want to draw attention to because it should hold considerable interest to those interested in the legal side of the wine industry.

The new blog is called Irish Liquor Lawyer and is the product of Sean O’Leary from Illinois. It’s notable that Mr. O’Leary is the former general counsel for the Illinois Liquor Control Commission from 2016 to 2018. He is extraordinarily knowledgeable about Illinois liquor politics not to mention the various legal issues that swirl about the industry with the legitimacy and efficacy of the “Three Tier System” being among those issues.

O’Leary subtitles his blog, “Naturally inclined to be knowledgeable about liquor law and policy” — funny. Despite this cultural and personal self-deprecation, O’Leary’s approach to discussing alcohol-related legal issues is very serious. In the short time he’s been publishing the Irish Liquor Lawyer, he has offered in-depth analysis of important court cases, provided important interviews with major players on the issue of the three-tier system, done exhaustive evaluations of Illinois liquor bills, offered reviews of important industry conferences and more.

To-date, O’Leary’s commentary has been non-partisan, making his views and comments that much more authoritative. He has been publishing the blog since May and in this short time has published 16 posts, about one per week. It’s a publishing schedule that is better than many long-time bloggers. His current publishing schedule is encouraging.

There are not a lot of blogs or publications that speak authoritatively on the legal aspects of the alcohol industry. It’s a complicated subject that is rife with ideological, partisan and self-serving perspectives. O’Leary is threading the needle here nicely and is a very welcome addition to the sources the industry can use to educate themselves on the state of alcohol law. Irish Liquor Lawyer is highly recommended.


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  1. Pete - September 13, 2018

    As birds of a feather flock together, a fool sees a fool from afar.

  2. Jeremy S. - September 14, 2018

    I went to read, but the very first green line in his recent post said: “Many states including my home state of Illinois, do not allow out-of-state retailers to ship to in-state customers.”

    What? That’s was enough to read! Fools don’t learn and there are no former cops.

    I just wander who was his law teacher in Kent? Who taught him that one state has jurisdiction over business in another? What a shame! I’m about to write a complaint to that school.

    He claims that he didn’t play basketball in that school. What balls did he play then?

    There is also no federal law enacted to collect interstate taxes. These states amendments are only taxpayers money again spent for nothing.

    Tom, why do you refer this garbage to read?

  3. Patrick - May 18, 2019

    Super awesome sharing. thank you for sharing such detailing information.

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