Top 10 Reasons Wine Lovers Can Be Thankful

1. The selection of wines available in the United States today is more diverse and interesting than any other time in history.

2. Wine by the glass is showing up in more and more venues such as drug stores, grocery stores, and coffee shops. And who doesn’t want to sip a glass of wine while shopping for Lucky Charms?

3. The online venues where wine lovers can gab with one another about their obsession, such as Vivino, Delectable, Wine Berserkers, Cellar Tracker and more, provide great spaces to get as geeky as desired without judgement.

4. Most American wine lovers are within a day’s drive of a wine region where many cellar doors are open for tasting great, sophisticated well-made wines.

5. It remains possible for wine lovers to dive into their obsession without resorting to word one of politics. Plus, when someone does connect wine and politics, a good, though politically exhausted, wine lover can always interrupt with, “this wine has personality”, thereby assuring to stop the partisan’s rant in an instant and focus them on more interesting nonsense.

6. Elaine Brown, Erica Duecy, Kelli White, Terry Theise, Alice Feiring.

7. Oregon, Coombsville, Far Sonoma Coast, Petaluma Gap, New York, Virginia

8. It is still illegal to mix cannabis with wine.

9. There is a chance the Supreme Court will rule in 2019 that the vile and discriminatory state laws that ban consumers from receiving shipments from out-of-state wine stores will be ruled unconstitutional.

10. There’s always another bottle (or can).


5 Responses

  1. Tom Orsat - November 20, 2018

    After moving to Austin, TX last year where you CAN’T be thankful that you can bring your own bottle of wine to a restaurant without paying absurd mark-ups for a decent bottle of juice, I’m still thankful that Southwest still has decent prices to bug out to NorCal about every four or five weeks!!!

  2. Bill Walters - November 21, 2018

    The is a Irish pub in Santa Rosa, CA called Stout Bros. which does not charge a corkage fee on the first bottle of wine.

  3. Adam - November 26, 2018

    Why is it a good thing that it’s illegal to mix wine with cannabis?

  4. Tom Wark - November 26, 2018


    Because that means that there will be no commercial wines that mix wine and cannabis. It’s an absolutely terrible drink. The cannabis does nothing for the character of wine other than mask it severely.

  5. Masum - December 21, 2021


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