POUR OREGON — A Celebration of Oregon Wine’s Diversity

If it wasn’t clear to you before, once you step into any wine retail setting in the state of Oregon you realize immediately that Pinot Noir is as dominant in this state as Cabernet Sauvignon and Red Blends are dominant in Napa Valley.

In 2017, according to the University of Oregon’s 2017 Oregon Vineyard and Winery Report, Pinot Noir represented 2/3 of the entire value of the Oregon wine grape crop. That’s called dominance.

However, what about that other 1/3 of grape production?

It’s an intriguing question to which more and more people (vintners and consumers) are paying close attention. And it’s that other 1/3 of Oregon wine grape production that makes the upcoming POUR OREGON tasting so interesting and enticing.

POOR OREGON is a one-day consumer wine tasting set for the afternoon of Sunday, April 28 in Portland. The primary focus of the POUR OREGON tasting is on the diversity of Oregon’s wine growing regions and its wines. The event’s description spotlights this focus:

“The Pour Oregon wine festival is your chance to discover small, artisanal wine producers from all over Oregon. There’s so much great wine in this state from Southern Oregon’s Rogue, Applegate, and Umpqua Valleys, to the little places like Elkton and Milton-Freewater, to the hills and valleys of the great Willamette Valley.

At Pour Oregon, you’ll also experience the great diversity of Oregon wines. Sure, we’ll have plenty of Pinot Noir — but also glorious Oregon reds like Tempranillo, Gamay Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon; and brilliant Oregon whites like Viognier, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, and dry Riesling. We believe that wine is about exploration and discovery.”

With regard to that “other” 1/3 of the value of Oregon wine grape production, the top five varietals that fall into this category, in order of 2017 production, are:

Pinot Gris
Cabernet Sauvignon

The more than 50 wineries presenting and pouring at POUR OREGON are generally very small, somewhat obscure and most definitely represent a diverse set of Oregon growing regions. It’s really the perfect opportunity to get your arms around the cutting edge of Oregon’s modern wine industry.

The event is the brainchild of Cellar 503. A wine club specifically for Oregon wine enthusiasts, Cellar 503 is the creation of Carrie Wynkoop, who started the wine club after trying to sate her taste for discovery by traveling around the state then joining club after winery club. Her idea was to create a wine club that would showcase the diversity of the Oregon wine industry, both geographic and varietal. It has been a success. Cellar 503 isn’t open to the public, but Wyncoop’s regularly scheduled Sip 503 Tasting Events, have become a regular destination for trying the newest in Oregon wine. POUR OREGON is a Sip 503 Tasting gone grand!

The 2019 POUR OREGON tasting is reminiscent of the Family Winemakers of California Annual Tasting. That tasting has always attracted and featured, smaller, newer wineries. POUR OREGON is very similar and will be a great opportunity for casual wine lovers and also the Oregon wine geeks to get a glimpse into what the newer Oregon wineries are making, thinking, and doing.


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