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Jan 24, 2005

Am I a sinner? Depends Where I Worship.

Here’s a news report you likely won’t see aired in the Blue states. WHNT-TV, serving Huntsville, Alabama, recently sent reporter Jeff Butera out to discover if it’s ok with God to drink. Apparently down in their neck of the woods the good citizens may have the opportunity to vote on whether certain counties should go dry or become wet, and furthermore if some areas should be allowed to have alcohol sold on Sundays. By the way, is Jeff Butera old…

Jan 24, 2005

Don’t Say It’s Yummy…You Could Kill Someone

Everyone seems to think America has screwy wine laws. And we do. Chalk it up to our predominantly protestant heritage and the extreme temperance inclinations that go along with that broadly defined approach to worship. But when you consider a recent change in the French alcohol advertising laws you really have to wonder if the French aren’t more screwed up than us. Last week the French Senate hammered out a compromise with the country’s anti-alcohol contingent that vintners in that…

Jan 6, 2005

“I’m sad…I hate this wine!”

Why is it that some people enjoy certain aromas, while others don’t? Some people enjoy that hint of barnyard in wine resulting from Bret, while others can’t abide it. With older German rieslings I love that smell of petroleum. Others, however, detest it. Researchers at Brown University have concluded the following:  "When an odour is paired with an emotional event, perception of that odour was altered to fit that association." This leads to the conclusions that: "As humans, we’re not…