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May 27, 2005

Wine Greatness: Old School vs New School

Can a wine be considered "GREAT" and should it attain a score of 98 or above if it isn’t likely to improve with age? Put another way, given that it is not meant to age, what score would a perfect dry rose garner? Robert Parker, among other reviewers and wine lovers, reserves a portion of his assessment points for a wine’s ability to age. If the wine is, in their assessment, likely to improve and develop complexity with age, it…

May 25, 2005

Wine: Doomed?

Mike Dunne, the long-time wine writer for the Sacramento Bee, has written an outstanding, if a bit schizophrenic, article (Reg. Required) on the dichotomies that exist between the large wine brands and companies that appear to be taking over the industry and the small, artisan winemakers who are proliferating today in the industry. The article has so many interesting points and characters in it I just have to comment on a number of thoughts it provides. Discussing the practice of…