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Jun 1, 2006

Arizona Gets a Wine Law

Arizonans got their new wine shipping law today when their governor signed a bill that is a near perfect representation of the type of legislation being considered in one from or another across the country. The new Arizona wine shipping law allows any winery in Arizona or elsewhere to ship directly to both residents or retailers in the state with the caveat that the winery doing the shipping produces less than 20,000 gallons per year. This is the equivalent of…

Mar 6, 2006

The Language of Corruption

Wine wholesalers talk a different language from you and I that needs translating. And they’ve been doing a lot of talking recently. In states across the country, the wholesalers have realized that it’s unconstitutional to allow in-state wineries to sell direct to retailers and restaurant, but not allow out of state wineries to do so. So, they started to try to strip this privilege from small wineries to prevent out of state (read: California) wineries from legally bypassing them. In…

Feb 23, 2006

Arizona’s Pro Wine Cyber-Strategy

The Arizona wineries have made a real game out of their battle with that state’s wine distributors who hope to shut off any growth opportunity for that state’s wineries. The state’s wineries have made headway in the legislative battle even though they face a huge disadvantage when it comes to resources. Their response, in part, has been to take it to the digital streets. Todd bostock is the winemaker at Arizona’s Dos Cabezas Winery, a 3000 case winery that produces…