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Jun 20, 2006

Pinot On Ice

This past fathers day was a hoot. We had four fine fathers gathered with their wives and children and grandchildren all in our newly renovated back yard. It was all good…Until I had to explain myself. You see it was warm outside. And while a chilled rose and gewurztraminer were on the table, I wanted to drink something red. But it was just too damn hot to really appreciate it. So I did what I often do with red wine…

Apr 27, 2006

Get Them Drinking Young!

Is it OK to question the policy that drinking alcohol should be outlawed for anyone under 21 years of age? Or if you do, are you promoting inappropriate behavior? You don’t hear many people advocating that the drinking age be lowered from 21. It’s a no win argument that will lead to being painted as irresponsible and uncaring for the well being of America’s youth. But the fact is, a drinking age of 21 is simply ludicrous. Diageo, one of…

Mar 31, 2006

Why Are Drinkers Smarter?

Why are drinkers smarter? That’s the conclusion of a study I read about recently. "A study of more than 6,000 Londoners ranging in age from 40 to 68 found that drinkers in general performed better than teetotalers on tests measuring such things as verbal fluency and inductive reasons. The study indicated drinkers performed better whether they had one drink a week or 30-plus drinks a week. Even occasional drinkers did better on the tests than non-drinkers, leading the researchers to…