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Jun 14, 2006

NY Times On Wine: A Motivational Tool

I think it’s pretty clear that Eric Asimov likes his job. Read this evocative description of the Bollinger 1970 Vielles Vignes Champagne he tasted at the House of Bollinger from his most recent column in the New York Times: “It was sedate for a Champagne, the bubbles soft and delicate, the color golden, bordering on amber. It was bone dry and quiet at first, but with a little air, it took on richness. It was still lively, graceful yet intense,…

Mar 15, 2006

Mainstream Media…Meet Wine Blogging

First it was Jon Bonne of with his "Amuse Bouche" Blog. Then came Mark Fisher of the Dayton Daily News with his "Uncorked" blog. Now, it’s Mr. Eric Asimov of the New York Times with a new Blog called "The Pour". I think we can now officially say the "mainstream media" has discovered wine blogs. And this is a good thing. There is an inherent bias against wine blogs that comes from the notion that they and those behind…