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Apr 11, 2006

A Monterey Wine Corridor: A Great Idea

It strikes me that the Monterey region in central California is perhaps one of the most perfectly situated "wine country" destinations in all of California. If all goes well down in that neck of the woods, the county will be helping out the wine industry, and wine lovers, by creating a "wine corridor" that encourages modest development of wine and wine tourism related business up and down the valley. The proposal for the Wine Corridor comes as Monterey is considering…

Mar 16, 2006

That Sucking Sound in Napa is Sonoma & Mendocino

Today, in his absurdly good weekly newsletter "Vintage Experiences" (subscription only), Dan Berger has some very interesting thoughts on Napa Valley and the idea of "Wine Country." In short, Dan suggests that Napa Valley, with its informally high prices for wine and the "wine country" lifestyle, is becoming less and less and true wine country where consumers and visitors can count on an authentic, and affordable, experience. But deeper into his article he makes the most important point: Napa Valley’s…