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Jun 19, 2006

Why Farmers Pray

Lest we forget that the wine industry is an agricultural industry, given to the whims of Mother Nature, the is now the 2006 Port vintage to consider. Apparently a storm that rushed through Portugal last Wednesday did extensive damage to what would have been the Port wine vineyards in that country. Initial reports had the loss in the neighborhood of 80% of the vines due to severe hail. Today the estimates of the loss and damage was said to be…

Apr 11, 2006

How To Justify Spending $300 on a Wine

While there are many people who spend $300 or more on a bottle of wine, most of us don’t. Most of us don’t get close to spendiing this kind of money on wine. If you are like my bride, she has trouble getting past the barrier that forces her to ask, "What else could I use this $300 for?" What’s needed is a good old fashion JUSTIFICATION for spending $300 on a bottle of juice. So, as a public service,…

Mar 21, 2006

Is Wine Back as an Investment?

It has been a while since talk of wine as an investment has come up on my radar. In the late 1990s and early 00s, particularly during the Internet Bubble, there was a good deal of stirring among many about wine not only as an investment but as a way to make a quick buck. Today I came across an article at the in which the fine art of wine collecting as an investment and the factors that go…