Lessons From a Wine Blog’s Top Ten Most Read Stories

Lessons From a Wine Blog's Top Ten Most Read Stories

For a wine blogger like myself who tends to write almost exclusively about and for the wine trade, readership is going to be naturally smaller than conscientious wine bloggers writing for the larger consumer audience. I’ve accepted this for the entire 14 years of this blog’s existence. Interestingly, though I’ve not written quite as much recently as I used to, the number of readers of this blog has increased over the past year. Why? I don’t know. Still, the phenomenon…

Jan 16, 2017

Could It Be More Than Sexism?: Women in Wine

Could It Be More Than Sexism?: Women in Wine

I don’t know how to assess the status of women in the wine industry. But that doesn’t mean I ought not consider it. This is also the perspective that James Lawrence clung to when he wrote, “Wine, Women and Subtle Sexism”, a January 12 article in Wine Searcher. Buried fairly deep in the article is this conclusion and question by the author: “Of course, identifying that sexism exists is very straightforward, tackling the issue is another matter altogether.” Again, I’m…

Jan 12, 2017

The Wineries’ Betrayal of Consumers

The Wineries' Betrayal of Consumers

Back in the day, from around the year 2,000 to 2010, wineries across the country understood perfectly that, given the chance, the wholesale tier would screw them, attempt to make their lives more difficult, attempt to push wineries into using only wholesalers to distribute their wines, work to stop any of their efforts to normalize direct to consumer shipping, and even accuse wineries of attempting to sell wine to minors. Back in the day, the California Wine Institute, Free the…

Jan 12, 2017

Wine Stuff I’m looking forward to in 2017

Wine Stuff I'm looking forward to in 2017

The 2015 Pinots From Oregon An extremely early vintage that should be fascinating to taste. I’m looking forward to an array of differently styled Pinots from Oregon that should be hitting he market this year. The “Is the Natural Wine Fad Over Yet?” Stories We are about on schedule for many consumers and those in the wine media and wine trade to start asking out loud, “is this ‘Natural Wine’ fad finally done with?’ ” When the stories do come,…

Jan 4, 2017

Wine Sorcery – Don’t be Taken In

Wine Sorcery - Don't be Taken In

Consumers possess a number of misconceptions about wine. But some of those misconceptions are downright hilarious: “Wine tastes better on a ‘Fruit Day’ than on a ‘Root Day’ ”  Uh Huh! Jamie Goode, wine scientist and wine critic-turned-debunker, politely and rhetorically rips the biodynamic drinking crowd a new one: “There have been several informal, small scale tests of the calendar, but these haven’t had the necessary rigour to provide any significant results. But a study just published, led by two…