The Wine Czar

"Today in Washington Secretary of Wine Donald Rumsfeld again denied reports that any abuse or torture of foreign wines had occurred in the National Cellar. The Wine Secretary called reports that French bottlings were exposed to extremes of cold and heat patently absurd’. The allegation of abuse of foreign wines has dogged the Secretary since a collection of horrifying pictures were published in "The Wine Spectator" showing a bottle of Chateau Petrus along side a bottle of Domaine de la Romanee Conti sitting in an ice bucket with tiny hoods tied over their capsules.

"We are talking about some very bad bottles here, bottles that our enemies would like to see put back on to shelves," explained the Wine Secretary. "The pictures that were published were illegally obtained, but even so they show no torture of the wines as torture is defined by the Bordeaux Convention."

You know your country has a problem with its wine industry when the
President appoints the equivilent of the Secratary of Defense to
oversee all things Wine.

This is exactly what happened in the former Soviet republic of Georgia

where President Saakashvili has appointed Defense Minister Irakli
Okruashvili to oversee all matters related to wine and wine exports and
the promotion of Georgian wine.

They do indeed have wine problems in Georgia where the country is
facing an impending embargo on its wine from Russain, by far its
largest export market.

It makes you consider the possibilities doesn’t it

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