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May 11, 2006

Georgia Wine On My Mind

First, Georgia, the former Soviet satellite, sees Russia attempt to kill its wine industry by instituting a ban on importation of Georgian wine, and all for political reasons. Then, this headline comes out of Georgia: HAIL DESTROYS 80% OF VINEYARDS IN EASTERN GEORGIA What’s it take for a poor little Georgian winemaker to get a break? First it’s Mother Putin then Mother Nature out to get these guys. Eastern Georgia is the source of a significant percentage of the Georgian…

Apr 13, 2006

The Wine Czar

"Today in Washington Secretary of Wine Donald Rumsfeld again denied reports that any abuse or torture of foreign wines had occurred in the National Cellar. The Wine Secretary called reports that French bottlings were exposed to extremes of cold and heat patently absurd’. The allegation of abuse of foreign wines has dogged the Secretary since a collection of horrifying pictures were published in "The Wine Spectator" showing a bottle of Chateau Petrus along side a bottle of Domaine de la…