A Good Year…A Bad Wine Promo?

"Sideways" the movie was able to have such  huge impact on the wine market and on Pinot Noir sales primarily because it received such great reviews. It was not a big blockbuster so it too these kind of reviews to put rears in the theater seats where they could encounter the happless wine lovers and the picturesque vineyards of Santa Barbara. The Acadamy Award nomination sealed the deal.

There was hope that the new film, "A Good Year", might have a similar effect on consumption patterns and raising interest in wine. It still might do some of this but based on the initial reviews of the film it seems unlikely that the film will have anything near the impact as Sideways.

The initial reviews of the film are average to poor:

"…audiences will be checking their watches…"USA TODAY)

"Crowe tries a romantic comedy, manages neither." (SF CHRONICLE)

"You know what the filmmakers are trying
to achieve and see the labor going into the attempt, but for them to
fall so short is unsettling."

"…unbearably sweet and emotionally lifeless…" (CHICAGO TRIBUNE)

I’ve not seen the movie yet, but I plan too. By all accounts the film is beautful to look at.But based on the type of reciepts this "small’ film with average to below average reviews is expected to reap, it seems likely that it might attract a few more folks to Provence rather than to wine in general. I had higher hopes for the impact this film might have. That said, as long as it doesn’t bomb it will at least put the idea of wine in more artists’ minds. And who knows what that might lead to.

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  1. TasteDC - November 11, 2006

    But will it have the miniscule cult following of Mondovino?? Only time will tell..bit of jest!! I haven’t seen “good ear” either, but definitely has “chick flick” written all over it — the results most likely will be more “romanticizing” of wine and less “tasting/drinking” – Sideways was a huge success because it laughed at itself and had so much irony – I mean a philandering voice-over actor “Cabernet” type and a depressed well-spoken hyper-medicated “Pinot” type can’t even ruin the scenic backdrops, the poetry of wine, and the sheer romance of being in nature…Biggest irony is that Merlot was shot-down, but Miles favorite wine, Cheval Blanc ’61 is primarily Merlot. Will “Good Ear” have any “memorable” scenes like Sideways???

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