Communing with my Imagination

Anyone who isn’t dreaming about a better life or at least a lifestyle more suited to their disposition probably isn’t very imaginative.

So, count me among the imaginative.

Now and again I’ll peruse the various wine/vineyard real estate listings, usually just to see who is selling what, to discover what the going prices is for vineyards and wineries, etc. Yesterday I came across this Anderson Valley/Mendocino Ridge property that looks pretty tempting. and gets the imagination going:

Anderson Valley/Mendocino Ridge appellation
80 acres
Access to the metropolis of Boonville and Philo
12 acres of Old Vine Zin, Chard and Pinot
A very good reputation for the grapes
More room to plant
Two homes
Room for another home
$2 Million

One of the most tempting parts of this property is, of course, the vineyard. DuPratt has yielded grapes thatDupratt2
have been made into outstanding wines by Navarro and Steel. The Zin portion of the vineyard was planted about 90 years ago. The vineyard itself is at an elevation of 1,200 feet meaning the cooler weather produces grapes that lead to wines of "mountain" character. Read: Good backbone and structure. And it appears that there are folks more than willing to line up to buy the grapes if the new buyer isn’t inclined to make their own wine. Were you to sell the grapes off the Dupratt vineyard its unlikely you’d get anywhere close to covering your mortgage. But the view of the vineyards from your house might make up for that.

The other tempting part of this property is the location. Anderson Valley and it’s surrounding ridges is simply a stunning locale that is likely being discovered by buyers as we speak. I certainly see more and more Anderson Valley wines these days. My experience with the the folks that live there has been wonderful also. Good people.

I wonder if one could run a public relations firm from this location?

Anyone up for a commune?

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  1. winehiker - June 22, 2007

    Count me in, Tom! “Will prune vines and punch down for equity.”

  2. Paul Mabray - June 22, 2007

    they should follow the model and do that – my two cents.
    Inertia – Powering the Wine Revolution
    Paul Mabray – CEO
    PS – count a few of us in.

  3. Dane Cellars - June 22, 2007

    Do you know who owns the vineyard now?
    I would love to get some grapes from there…
    count me in

  4. Mike Duffy - June 22, 2007

    How do you make a small fortune in the wine biz? Start with a large one. [grin]
    I’d be happy to come visit and tell you how smart you are for buying such a lovely property.
    And yes, I think you could do PR from there.

  5. Jack - June 22, 2007

    A vineyard I’ve had a LOT of Steele wines from – but long ago…11-14 years ago. Still, kind of cool.

  6. john sciocchetti - June 29, 2007

    Tom! Try to buy that vineyard! My grandparents owned it many years ago! I learned a lot from that vineyard. John Sciocchetti

  7. Steve Arietta - July 3, 2009

    Tom you should of bought it. I did and am really happy with it. My Grandparents owned it too.

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