Teen Spirit

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly (YES, that is the name of a publication. Wouldn’t you have liked to be in on the meeting when the powers that be over at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who publish it all got together and decided on that name!) is reporting that Spirits is the drink most often chosen by teenagers.

Forty Percent of those participating in the study identified spirits (meaning bourbon, vodka, etc.) as their preferred drink. Beer came in second.


Surely this has implications for policy making. Surely this finding has implications for policymaking on the issue of the direct shipment of wine.

Hat tip to Megan at Wine & Spirits Daily
for identifying the story.

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  1. Anneliese - July 29, 2007

    Merely to comment here, not to tell you something that you don’t already know, but all those hard alcohol “soda pops,” such as the vodka single serving bottles and Jack Daniels Lemon Drop, capture that teen audience.
    Plus the fact that the stuff gets you blasted immediately – the teens time mode of choice – rather than the subtle buzz that a 13.5% Pinot might provide.
    As far as policymaking on the direct shipment of wine? That’s a subject outside of my layman’s scope, but I could see an ad campaign aimed at teens that runs along the lines of “Remember your first wine?” 🙂

  2. Michelle - July 31, 2007

    My 19-yr brother just spent a weekend with some margarita mix and a couple bottles of tequila, trying to figure out how to make a cooler full of the perfect margarita. He learned too much tequila is bad, in so many ways. But he too went straight for tequila and not wine. In fact, he tries to avoid wine at all costs. Rum, on the other hand …

  3. Wine Boy! - August 2, 2007

    Wine Boy! says! My first experience as a youngster with wine was “not good”, but have learned to place wine in it’s proper place and….that is luch and dinner! I hope most people will grow out of their “party” mentality and enjoy the world’s most awesome beverage,.. moderately.

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