Wines & Vines Delivers New Website

The venerable wine industry trade publication Wines & Vines has announced its redesign of its website. And they did very nice job.

For quite some time the W&V website was a bit chaotic. And that’s too bad because the publication does a great job of producing useful, insightful articles on everything wine.

The new site features sections containing headlines, news briefs, columns, features and a calendar. Most of the information is generated by staff, rather than taken off the newswires or other sites.

One of the best features of Wines & Vines has always been their educational pieces; articles that really teach folks in the wine business how to do things better. A perfect example is Tina Caputo’s run down of how writers and editors prefer to be pitched story ideas: "Top Editors on What Makes a Great Wine Story".

If you are working at a winery and have been given the PR duties, this is an article that is of tremendous value.

Congrats to Wines & Vines. Great new site.

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  1. Greg - July 5, 2007

    but where are the rss feeds?

  2. Jim Gordon - July 5, 2007

    Hey Tom (and Greg): Thanks for noticing our renovated site. We will be adding more features including RSS feeds in the coming weeks. Our big push is to have original industry news stories every business day, written by our own team, and for the first time there’s a fast search function to look up our archive of how-to stories for winery personnel. For now, people who get the push or Benson Marketing newsletters will get links to virtually all our new posts.
    Jim Gordon, W & V editor

  3. Fabio - July 6, 2007

    It’s ok! I was just posting a comment on the RSS bug before reading Greg’s comment. A website without RSS is simply a bad website. Good work 😉

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