You Must Love This…How Could You Not?

I think I’ve mentioned before just how much I enjoyed it when Wark Communications was working with Roshambo Winery. I truly got an education. It is rare to find a winery that in addition to being committed to making unique and fine wines, are also committed, naturally, to doing things differently.

Roshambo does do things differently. As is almost always the case, this difference is purely a result of the disposition of those who run the joint. Naomi Brilliant and her partner Scott Keneally simply don’t think the way other vintners do. And while working in the same wine industry as other vintners, their approach to working that industry is different too. Here is a perfect example of that difference:

I really would like to see more wineries go outside the box. This is a regular refrain, this request for something different. But there does seem to be a wine marketing template that is closely adhered to by nearly every winery in America. I admit to contributing to the maintenance of that template. That’s a shame too.
But what’s interesting and significant about Roshambo’s unique approach to marketing wine is how they motivate and encourage others to take a similarly irreverent approach to wine. Witness this "60 Second Weekend" VideoCast produced by the Santa Rosa Press Democrat concerning the recently completed Roshambo Rock, Paper Scissors Competition

You must love this!! And you should reward the folks at Roshambo with multiple wine purchases…particularly their 2006 Dry Creek Valley THE OBVIOUS Sauvignon Blanc.

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  1. Arthur Przebinda - June 11, 2008

    Hucking fillarious!

  2. Scott Keneally - June 12, 2008

    Thanks so much Tom for your awesome post. (And you, Arthur for your reaction). The commercial spot is SUPER ROUGH at this point and in desperate need of a good editor to fix the issues. But to be honest, I’m just happy to have something out on the etherwebs. I’ve had that concept kicking around in my head for a year, and since I have dreams of making films someday, I figured I might as well get my feet wet.
    (FYI: Total budget for the shoot was just over $500. $475 for beer and wine for the bikers whose Harley’s I needed for props. And $49 for the royalty free song. Those bikers sure can throw back free beer!)

  3. Chad - June 13, 2008

    That is hilarious and refreshing. Wine without pretense!!

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