Nakedness & Wine

As some of you may be aware, I'm a big fan and big advocate of combining nakedness and wine. So, you can imagine how disappointed I was to ONLY LEARN TODAY about a videocast called "The Naked Wine Show."

Produced out of Canada, The Naked Wine Show stars Susan Sterling doing…well…wine reviews in the nude. (I can't believe Gary Vaynerchuk hasn't thought of this, though I'm somewhat relieved he hasn't). Here's what has me wondering. In a press release about the launch of the Naked Wine Show, it is revealed that the Naked Ms. Sterling obtained her position after, “We spent a lot of time trying to cast the right person, and we must have interviewed about 300 local sommeliers, wine experts and comedians to finally find Susan."

Now I wonder just how those interviews went.

Producer: Ah, Mr. Smith, thank you for coming in. Tell us about your experience with wine.

Mr. Smith:
Well, I've always loved wine and have been in the wine retail business here in Toronto for a decade. I've taught numerous wine classes and think I have an engaging way of telling the story of wine.

Producer: Very good. Please take off your clothes

Mr. Smith:
Pardon me?

Producer: Your clothes. Please remove them. It is called "The Naked Wine Show"?

Mr. Smith: Huh? I thought "Naked" referred to reviews that were unusually revealing?

Producer: Just take off your clothes, Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith: Well…OK (removes shirt, trousers, undergarments)

Producer: Ah…Well, thank you for coming in Mr. Smith, but it appears you have a penis. That won't do.

Mr. Smith: Huh?

Producer: NEXT!!—Again, thank you Mr. Smith. Please put your trousers back on.

Ms. Sterling: Good Morning, thank you for the chance to Interview.

Producer: Good Morning Ms. Sterling. First things first. Tell me, do you have a penis?

I recommend this new video wine review show very highly. I can't really tell you what wines they review on the show. Nor do I know what price range the wines they do review fall into. I'm not even sure if they review wine at all. However, there is a Naked Girl in the show.


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  1. Arthur - December 16, 2008

    A Westminster (London) cable network had a show in the late 1990s called “Big City Tips” in which a sexy woman (reminiscent of the woman in the the Adam Ant “Goody Two Shoes” video) delivered the day’s stock market report while stripping to her lacy undies.
    I was sad to leave England.

  2. Dale Cruse - December 16, 2008

    This is my new favorite podcast. I must blog about it immediately. Thanks Tom!

  3. help with dissertation - December 16, 2008

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  4. el jefe - December 17, 2008

    Best. Fermentation. Post. Ever.
    But not naked. In at least one episode you can see that she is wearing a towel or something. Not that that matters.

  5. cortesdecima - December 18, 2008

    Hi Tom,
    Thanks for explaining how the cast went. LOL!
    Next time I will pay attention to the wines and will let you know 😉

  6. tish - December 19, 2008

    What, you mean the rest of you out there actually drink wine with your clothes on?

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