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Sometimes I wish food and wine lovers had far, far fewer choices of content and information to sift through and enjoy just so certain information forums would get more attention. Every now and then something pops onto my radar that I'm positive has the potential to be far better than the rest, but I despair that it wont get the attention it deserves because the noise level and many choices of content for food and wine lovers are powerful deterrents to letting the cream rise to the top.

So, I try to do my part. Today, doing my part means urging my readers to check out:


This new blog/zine reminds me a little of Appellation America insofar as it wants to draw our attention to, as its creators explain, "how local and regional ingredients define a place and how people around the world respond, sustain and enjoy themselves in their respective environments."

It's creators are Kevin Lynch and Amber Shore. Both are well trained and apparently enthusiastic proponents of food and wine as a lifestyle and, from what I can tell, source of happiness. Kevin is a certified sommelier and writer. Amber is a trained chef.

In the short time that they have been publishing Native Food & Wine they've demonstrated great gusto for their subject matter, a genuine fondness for the idea behind their blog and an endearing personality that makes me smile and want more.

Their writing on Native Food & Wine is very polished and professional. The many photos of their subjects are engaging and creative. And when I'm done reading about Gruet in New Mexico, Branched Oak Farm in Nebraska or Cultiva Coffee I realize I want more. I'm left wanting to know more and to experience more from their subjects.

I don't know Kevin or Amber. But now I want to. And I want them to be very popular. I want them to feel compelled to devote as much time and energy to Native Food & Wine as they possibly.

This is one of the best knew finds I've come across in a long time.

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  1. twilder - September 23, 2009

    thanks for this, Tom. And Kevin and Amber, too!

  2. L. Bailey Jean - September 23, 2009

    way to go kevin!! i’ve known him for a while and can attest to his knowledge and passion, and great personhood!!
    L. Bailey Jean
    Espresso Blōc

  3. J T Haney - September 23, 2009

    Great inormation! Thanks!

  4. amy - September 24, 2009

    native food and wine is the only blog i will ever need to read!! excellent!

  5. Wine of Month Club - September 24, 2009

    They certainly have the right pedigree for it, nice to see another local oriented information source out there. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. The Wine Mule - September 25, 2009

    Anybody who leads with a feature on Gruet is all right with me.

  7. Brian - October 5, 2009

    Do we really need another food blog. I have looked at it and it tells me nothing new and is just a big advertisement for the whoever they are interviewing. Just more crap to weed through.

  8. Petal - October 11, 2009

    I don’t see any advertisements on their page…?

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