The Video That Explains H.R. 5034’s Danger For Wine Lovers

Do you have a blog? Do you have a web site? Do you have any digital venue where this video, produced by Vintuba TV, can be linked to? Are you a wine lover too? And do you despair the consequences of H.R. 5034, a bill now in congress that will lead to the elimination of your ability to buy wine direct and sell wine direct?

Then either link to the YouTube page that holds this video or embed this video at your digital outlet. Let the word ring out.

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  1. massager - April 21, 2010

    Yes,I think so
    It may be

  2. electric winch - April 21, 2010

    OK,That is right

  3. 1WineDude - April 21, 2010

    I’m ALL FOR using fear propaganda against the people who also use fear propaganda (like the state-run alcohol monopolies and some of the distributors), and I’m alsoa big fan of Vintuba, but I think this sort of vid. needs a few facts to back up the claims as well.
    Not saying it’s wrong – just saying it needs to also speak to the folks who are skeptical…

  4. ChrisO Vintuba - April 21, 2010

    Hey Dude! Facts are key for sure! This video is meant to spur people to seek out more info. I encourage everyone to inform themselves and read the fine print of the bill. More info on the bill here:

  5. Mark's Best Wine Club - April 21, 2010

    I sent an email to my rep, Duncan Hunter who I hope will take some off from National Security to get a no vote in on this bill.
    Pretty amazing to see where some of the co-authors of this bill come from. Can’t believe anyone in NY would sponsor it as their wineries have a ton to gain if they were able to ship to neighboring states like Pennsylvania.

  6. Nancy - April 27, 2010

    I would post a video on my blog, but I agree with 1 Wine dude — this one explains nothing and relies on 2 concepts that explain nothing — GREED and FAT CATS.
    If we all want to publicize the issue, the answer is to go to the new media, like Fox-Limbaugh-Hannity, etc. That is where alert people are getting their news, by the millions. The audience may not be wine drinkers, but this is a freedom issue. They understand that, and they could help.

  7. ChrisO - April 27, 2010

    Hey Nancy- Perhaps this excellent post from Palate Press is more up your alley:
    Less fox snooze and more objective!

  8. WG Moore - May 2, 2010

    If the purpose of the video was to raise awareness, then it has succeeded, at least for me. I will dig further. But I tend to agree that more ‘meat’ and clarity in the video itself would be more effective and informative. But thanks again.

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