When All That’s Required is Alcohol in Liquid Form

Dark I wonder if there are other wine geeks like me who at times merely need their wine to possess alcohol and be in liquid form? And that's really all that is required. Anything more would demand making the effort of concentrating on the beverage's traits, evaluating it, comparing it and, well, sometimes that just takes too much effort.

The funny things is, for folks like us, the comparing, evaluating and identifying is second nature and comes generally in an automatic fashion; like an tennis player nonchalantly ripping a top-spin whizzer just in front of the baseline. There's no need to really think hard about the act. It's second nature after all this time.

But tonight I was content with the thin, simple insipid Bordeaux that was poured by the glass in a San Francisco restaurant. It easily washed down my poussin, didn't block the view of a favorite restaurant, and didn't get in the way of the pleasure of being with the one I love for a quiet dinner.

Yet I remember when every wine I encountered demanded my attention. Those early years of learning the varieties. That time when I was getting accustomed to the limits of my palate. That early era when understanding what was in my glass took precedent over my evirons—no matter who occupied them with me.

These moments of vinious nonchalants don't come as often as I might lead you to believe, but they do arrive more often now than in the past.

The other occasion when the content of my glass is of no matter is when I'm merely seeking the effects of alcohol. I don't know how many of us wine geeks admit it, but sometime the wine in our glass really is nothing more than an alcohol delivery vehicle. That wasn't the case tonight, but it is the case more often these days than in the past.

I'm not saying I don't geek it up. I do. In fact, I think I'm a damn good wine geek. I can both impress and annoy people with my wine geekiness when I desire. And sometimes (often times, really) there's nothing more fulfilling than sitting around with fellow wine geeks and collectively ripping forth with a cacophony of unrestrained, plagiarized, loudly proclaimed and totally-educated geeksspeak over a selection of bottlings.

But sometimes, a shitty little ditty that is liquidy and infused with alcohol is all that's required. Tonight, that shitty little ditty of a Bordeaux was the perfect accompaniment to a moment it had no business getting in the way of.


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