End the Government Attack on Faith and Alcohol

StopIt's clearly an attack on faith and conscience!!

It has come to my attention that as part of implementing the mandates of the new federal health care law, I am required to provide health insurance to Wark Communications employees that cover, among other things, treatment of alcohol abuse.

And yet, my conscience tells me that alcohol consumption is a good thing. My personal faith informs me that the consumption of alcohol on a daily basis is commanded as a means to a proper and well-lived life. Yet, here I am forced to violate my conscience by providing the means for my employees to NOT consume alcohol.

This is a direct and personal and calculated attack on my strongly held, personal faith.

I have a year to comply with this directive. I have a year to figure out how to violate my conscience where alcohol consumption is concerned.

I can only hope that others who are similarly violated by this law join my cry of protest.

For now I know the Catholic Bishops are on my side as they too find that, just as I am required to violate my faith that alcohol is a necessity for living a good and moral life, they are required to violate their own faith by providing insurance that allows women to access birth control.

I can only hope that those members of faiths that have as a matter of conscience the belief that the sick should only be attended to by prayer, will join me in protesting this new health care law as it will force them to provide insurance to their employees even though they believe no care for one's health beyond prayer ought to be undertaken.

I can only hope that my employee brethren of the Muslim faith who, as a matter of their conscience, cannot allow a woman to be examined alone by a male doctor, will find the will to oppose the health care insurance Law also. This mandate for insurance demands muslims provide insurance to their employees that just as easily would result in women being alone and in close proximity to a man who is not their husband, just as that same law will require me to violate my faith by providing health insurance that will lead to fewer people drinking alcohol.

Of course this latest attempt by the federal government to force myself and other people of faith to violate their strongly held beliefs is not the initial instance of government attacks on conscience. What of those that hold strong as a matter of their faith on matters of race and gender and sexuality? For years they have been forced unjustly to violate their conscience by adhering to anti-discrimination laws.

What of those who as a matter of faith and conscience believe they ought not be forced to part with their hard earned money to support state programs? For years they have been asked to pay federal and state taxes.

It goes on and on.

If I fail to provide Wark Communications employees with this insurance that allows them to combat daily alcohol consumption, as my conscience tells me I must, I will be fined heavily. I will have to close Wark Communications and the world will lose the precious Public Relations services I provide.

Is there any end to this madness?

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  1. Andrea Wilson - February 16, 2012

    “Of course this latest attempt by the federal government to force myself and other people of faith to violate their strongly held beliefs is not the initial instance of government attacks on conscience.”–No, it’s not, and yes, it is madness. I’m afraid it will never end. We live in a nanny state–especially in California.

  2. Marcia M - February 16, 2012

    Did you see Fiore this morning? The Gospel According to Bishops http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/g/a/2012/02/15/fiorethegospel.DTL
    I believe this addresses the same concerns you have, Tom.

  3. Tom Wark - February 16, 2012

    Hilarious!! But sad.

  4. Jeff K - February 16, 2012

    Stand firm Tom! Next thing you know, the Feds will try to tell us that owning a gun and shooting someone is bad for their health as well. Poppycock!

  5. Donn - February 17, 2012

    What if you were Jewish and the govt. mandate for child services says a lunch from home must have milk and you send you child off to school with a kosher beef bologna sandwich???
    Don’t make fun of “the others” because eventually the same tyranny will come and get you.
    Why is the govt. mandating anything at all regards to my health and my insurance? Or why should you have to pay for a poor indigent person to be given condoms or the pill? Sex is not a disease, but the govt. wants to force you to treat it as if it were a disease and pay for all to be insured.

  6. Sid - February 19, 2012

    Certainly your employees can all access alcohol abuse treatment through any number of other avenues — why would they be dependent on you to provide it AND pay for it?

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