Coming Soon: Pro Golf in Napa Valley and an Economic Boost

golfwineDoes the Napa Valley need more promotion? More publicity? More visitors? Of course it does. The economy here is bolstered in huge ways by tourism and visitors, not just the sale of wine.

So, given the recent announcement that the PGA Tour will be bringing professional golf to Napa Valley in 2014 in the form of the Open to take place at the Silverado Resort, it made me think: what will be the impact on the local economy of having a full-fledged PGA tournament in Napa Valley?

Estimates vary on what the economic impact is on a city or region hosting a PGA Golf Tournament. However, based on studies and estimates of a variety of PGA tour events around the country, Napa and the surrounding area can expect to see an impact of between $20 million and $40 million silveradodollars due to the 7-day event that is a PGA Tournament.

It should also be noted that the affinity between golf and wine is very strong. This is due primarily to the demographic similarity of those that play and watch golf and those who are regular wine drinkers. This affinity is also seen in the number of professional golfers that have their own wine brands.

We can add to this the great publicity that will result from the tournament being broadcast on television for four days. The natural beauty of this area will surely not escape the cameras, which in turn will surely result in visits to the region by viewers who may not previously have decided to visit this area.

By my estimation, this kind of an event is likely to be far more beneficial for the local economy and the region than the recently completed BottleRock music festival that appears to have engendered some pretty severe ill will among both vendors and the local populace. One thing you can say for sure about a golf tournament, it’s not going to Silveradogenerate much noise!

The tournament was brought to Silverado Golf and Resort due to lobbying by Johnny Miller, who with a collection of investors purchased the property in 2010 and went about revamping the North Course where the tournament will be played.

Regular readers of this site will have noticed that I’m a fan of the game of golf. I play on a regular basis. My 8.4 handicap is a result of some pretty hard work and a great deal of enjoyable days various courses in this area, including Silverado’s North and South courses. So, if my estimate of the impact of the Tournament seems a bit rosy, you’ll understand why and forgive me.

The fact is, there are significant opportunities for golf and wine lovers to indulge both their loves here in Napa. Besides Silverado, you have the Eagle Vines, Chardonnay, Kennedy-Napa, Vintners, Hiddenbrook and Mare Island golf courses all nearby. Anything that identifies this area as great place for a golf vacation is also good for the economy and I suspect the 2014 tournament will do that for the region as well.


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  1. Grant Munson - August 8, 2013

    I remember the days when the champions tour would come through Napa every year. It was a great experience as you were able to get close to the golfers, and enjoy the wonderful surroundings. I went with my parents many years. With the growth of the PGA Tour, I just hope the logistics of the event are coordinated well.

  2. tom merle - August 8, 2013

    A poor analogy IMHO. A fairer comparison would be something like Festival del Sole or a rock concert that had professional management like the PGA and held in a more appropriate venue. I wonder what your take would be if you played the guitar like James Barry rather than a golf club. We should actually have both if properly handled.

  3. Tom Wark - August 9, 2013


    I gotcha beat…My dad used to take me to the “Kaiser Open”, a PGA tour event at Silverado, in the 1970s.

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