Wine Lovers Saw This Coming—Dumb Marijuana Science

dopesmokerFor as long as I can remember, I’ve watched news outlets report the findings of studies on wine and alcohol that the reader looks at and says, “Well Duh! Did we really need a study to figure this out?”

Headlines on such reports often read like, “Study finds people are happier after two glasses of wine” or ” ‘Beer Goggles’ Really Do Exist Study Finds”.

I’m waiting for this headline: “New Study Finds Over Consumption of Water Can Lead to Drowning”.

Well, it appears with the rise of Cannabis as a legal drug, it too will come in for the same treatment based on this stunning piece of new information:

“Cannabis DOES make you lazy: Smokers are ‘less willing to perform hard tasks’ after using the drug”

The same question always arises: Who authorized money to be spent on the question of does smoking dope make you lazy? One thing you must conclude when you read these sorts of headline-making findings is that the social sciences are not under funded. Still, I expect that as marijuana gains more and more legitimacy through legalization we will encounter more of these types of studies and headlines that announce their findings. Personally, I’m waiting for news stories that report NEW STUDY FINDS…

1. Bong Water Not the Effective Antiseptic Many College Students Claim it to Be

2. Marijuana Users Miss More Classes in College and High School

3. Marijuana Smokers More likely to File False Stalker Claims

4. No Validity to Dope Smokers’ Claims That the Universe Exists on the Fingernail of a Giant

5. Potato Chip Consumption Higher Among Marijuana Users

So, it appears that as more and more states legalize recreation dope use, we can look forward to greater frequency of eye rolling as the social scientists among us apply the same scientific rigor to studying to the habits of marijuana smokers as they do to those of wine drinkers.


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