10 Stunning Shots of Vineyards Stopping Fire in Napa and Sonoma

There has been a great deal of discussion concerning how vineyards in Napa and Sonoma acted as firebreaks during the recent wildfires. But pictures really tell the story.

GoogleEarth has updated its satellite imagery, showing Napa and Sonoma County after the fires.

As you can see from the ten photos here, the vineyards in these regions absolutely saved lives and property. The full story of how and where vineyard plantings saved the day will likely be told at some point. I hope the story is comprehensive.

What’s heartening right now is that while you can still drive around Napa and Sonoma and Carneros and see how vineyards served as effective firebreaks, you can also see how green grass is already poking up. The fire damaged hillsides are already turning green. It’s a delight.










































































































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