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Nov 29, 2017

10 Stunning Shots of Vineyards Stopping Fire in Napa and Sonoma

There has been a great deal of discussion concerning how vineyards in Napa and Sonoma acted as firebreaks during the recent wildfires. But pictures really tell the story. GoogleEarth has updated its satellite imagery, showing Napa and Sonoma County after the fires. As you can see from the ten photos here, the vineyards in these regions absolutely saved lives and property. The full story of how and where vineyard plantings saved the day will likely be told at some point….

May 4, 2010

Must We All be “Something-holics”?

The goal all along was to simply get cigarettes out of my life. I'd tried this before. Many times. The last time I tried it was on October 25th, 2009. A couple things were different this time around. In addition to using the nicotine patch, I was also given an anti depressant that, its creators were pleased to discover, also seemed to help reduce nicotine cravings. The other thing that was different was a decision to use "pride" in my…

Dec 31, 2009

Categorizing 2009—Wine Blog Style

I believe 2009 has been one of the most significant 12 months of my life. As I think back on the past 12 months I find myself wanting to categorize and define and organize it into neat packets. Much of 2009 revolved around my life as a blogger, what it revealed and what it has resulted in. Another good portion of 2009 revolved around my now 20 year pursuit of establishing myself as a reliable wine PR and marketing guy….

Dec 18, 2009

Tasting Wine and Snoring: The Non-smoking Edition

Two months into nicotine sobriety I can report that among the side effects that come with a cigarette free existence is a palate with heightened sensitivity. However, I can't say how heightened my sensitivity is to a wine's attributes and  characteristics. I can only say that it is heightened. Perhaps without a layer of smoke and tar covering the inside of my mouth I am 40% more sensitive to taste, smell and texture. Perhaps it is only 20%. The big…

Nov 16, 2009

A Bad Wine Saga Ends!

  On October 15, 2005 more than 6 million bottles of wine stored at the Wine Central Warehouse in Vallejo were destroyed when Marc Anderson, a Sausalito, California business man set fire to the warehouse in order to destroy evidence of earlier crimes. Entire inventories of wineries productions were destroyed as almost 100 wineries kept their inventories in the warehouse. In some cases, historic library collections of important California wineries were destroyed by heat damage. For the Northern California wine…