Cannabis Cures, Wine Kills…Right?

Here is More wonderful news for cannabis at the expense of wine and other alcohol products:

It’s a standard stereotype that individuals who smoke weed are a bit foggy-headed and lacking a couple of brain cells.

But a brand new study from researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder discovered that alcohol is far more damaging to your brain than marijuana. In reality, the study — which was revealed in the journal Addiction — means that weed use doesn’t appear to change the construction of an individual’s brain in any respect.

“When you look at these studies going back years, you see that one study will report that marijuana use is related to a reduction in the volume of the hippocampus,” he stated. “The subsequent study then comes round, they usually say that marijuana use is said to modifications in the cerebellum.

It was discovered that amongst those that drank alcohol, adults — and to a lesser extent, teenagers — had a discount in grey matter quantity. The study discovered that white matter was affected in adults, however not youngsters, who drank. These results have been particularly seen in adults with a historical past of consuming for years, based on Medical News Today.

But amongst marijuana customers (outlined as those that had smoked in the previous 30 days), there was no relationship between getting excessive and the construction of an individual’s brain.

That led Hutchinson to make a daring proclamation.

While marijuana may also have some negative consequences,” he advised Medical News Today, “it definitely is nowhere near the negative consequences of alcohol.

Those of us in the wine business need to get used to reading not just these kinds of studies, but general claims among cannabis advocates that alcohol will likely turn you into a mutant as well as make your internal organs fall out of your nose. At the same time, you can expect to hear how Cannabis consumption is so good for you that it should be a regular substitute for oxygen.

This is what happens when cannabis producers are able, by law, to say anything and everything they want about their product’s health benefits while winemakers are severely restricted in what they can claim about wine.

Get used to it.


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  1. katie - February 20, 2018

    Tom, I just read that asinine article—actually it was so confusing and poorly articulated that I wondered how many brain cells the author had left—and you are right. Until science catches up with pot there will be a lot of smoke and mirrors claims (no pun intended) for the public to sift through. I have a friend whose young son is currently under treatment for psychosis precipitated by heavy marajuana use. Caveat Emptor people.

  2. create a binance account - July 29, 2023

    I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

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