Underground Sonoma

My favorite wine event are small wine event. I don’t mean small venues. I mean a smaller number of wineries; a manageable number of wineries; a number small enough that you can spend time with them all. It’s also a bonus if you are talking about wineries that are small, minimal production, hands-on, newish wineries.

That’s why I’m bringing your attention to Sonoma Underground.

• Fifteen Wineries

• February 24, 2-5pm

• At Longboard Vineyards in Headsburg, CA

• $49 in advance; $59 at the door.

• Limited tickets sold.

Every winery pouring at Sonoma Underground makes less than 10K cases of wine and each will be pouring their best. It’s a chance for an intimate exchange between producer and consumer — as it should be.

Another feature of Sonoma Underground that you should take note of is its organizer: Elizebeth Schneider of Wine For Normal People — one of the best listened to wine podcasts today or ever. Plus Elizabeth is among the most passionate members of the new breed of American wine communicators. Plus, she just so damn pleasant and smart it’s not even a fair fight.

You can reserve tickets here.

Which wineries will be pouring? You can discover that here. But among the 15 wineries in attendance will be Acorn, Butcher, Limerick Lane, Crux, Peterson and Keller.

If you, by the way, have not tasted through the line up of Keller Wines, you are missing out. This winery located in the Petaluma Gap region is producing beautiful Pinot and Syrah-based wines that will knock your socks off.


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