The Last Word On The Fate of Napa Valley Agriculture and Politics

While I can’t speak for other industries, I can say that when controversy reigns over an issue within the wine industry, it is rare that partisans on either side of the issue make a comprehensive case for their position. You can’t say that anymore about the battle over Napa Valley’s Measure C, an initiative on the June ballot that pits Nimbys, opportunists, and fact-deficient moralists on one side against rational, liberty-loving, pro-agriculture partisans on the other in a battle to determine if the rollback of the wine industry in the Valley ought to occur.

A new website lays out the case AGAINST Measure C with a thoroughness and fact-based approach that you don’t often see:


This new website is brainchild and work of Stu Smith, co-owner of Smith-Madrone Winery, which has been located on Spring Mountain for over 45 years. Smith has never been shy in offering his opinion of the wine industry, the Napa Valley community, nor anything else for that matter. However, when he does offer his opinion on these matters, he most often does so in an unusually deliberate and fact-based manner.

The new website offers reams of information about Measure C. More importantly, it delivers up facts on the state of the Napa woodlands, the Valley’s water supply, its farming and agriculture, and the measures and laws in place that already protect all of it.

Facts have not been front and center in the ongoing debate over Measure C. As so many people have noted, the extremists who are promoting a measure that would make nearly all vineyards illegal in the hills above the Valley have offered not a single bit of evidence for the necessity of such an extreme measure. Rather, they have used words like “clear cutting” and “imminent danger”, relied on pictures of cute animals, accused local lawmakers of being bribed without any evidence, and so on and so on. One thing they have not offered up are facts, let alone the kind of comprehensive set of facts and analysis that Smith has delivered at the new StopMeasureC website.

Among the topics covered at the StopMeasureC website:

  • Ballot Arguments
  • By The Numbers
  • Who Opposes Measure C?
  • St. Helena Star Editorial
  • Napa Valley Register Editorial
  • Forestry
  • Water
  • The morality of Measure C
  • Section E of Measure C
  • Articles
  • Stu’s Letters
  • Other Letters
  • Initiative
  • 9111 Report
  • Groundwater Sustainability Report
  • Oak Woodland Management Plan
  • Air Quality

Smith’s new website on Measure C is an indispensable resource not just for those wanting to find more information about the ballot initiative but also for those who want to know the truth about the Napa Valley environment.



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