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Jun 26, 2018

The Napa Valley Wine Industry Has A Big Problem On Its Hands

The results of Napa Valley’s recent electoral battle to determine the future of farming here are officially in: Measure C failed and reason prevailed. But not by much. It’s absolutely clear, based on the Measure C campaign and the results, that a good percentage of Napa County residents believe that the wine industry here needs, in some way, to be reined in. The proponents of the failed measure, and surely a number of those who voted for the Measure C,…

Jun 4, 2018

An Environmentalist Explains Why Measure C is Bad for Napa Valley

I don’t usually publish articles by others here at Fermentation. However, given the election tomorrow and given the importance of explaining exactly why Measure C needs to be defeated and given the authority of Susan Boswell‘s voice, this commentary from the Napa Valley vintner needs to be heard: _______________________________________________ An Environmentalist Voting No on Measure C Why? Through my involvement as a former chair and currently a member of the Watershed Information and Conservation Council, a member of the board…

Jun 1, 2018

Myth Busting—Napa Wine Is All About Small, Not Corporate

Let’s get to the heart of the biggest lie told about Napa Valley and its wine industry: It is controlled and made up of a collection of corporate owned and multi-national conglomerates. This is the big lie told by Napa haters and in particular by Mike Hackett and Jim Wilson, the authors of Measure C, which will be voted on June 5th and, if passed, end vineyard development on any land located on the hills of Napa Valley. Hackett and…

May 3, 2018

The Last Word On The Fate of Napa Valley Agriculture and Politics

While I can’t speak for other industries, I can say that when controversy reigns over an issue within the wine industry, it is rare that partisans on either side of the issue make a comprehensive case for their position. You can’t say that anymore about the battle over Napa Valley’s Measure C, an initiative on the June ballot that pits Nimbys, opportunists, and fact-deficient moralists on one side against rational, liberty-loving, pro-agriculture partisans on the other in a battle to…

Apr 20, 2018

Chaos and Crooks in Napa Wine Country

Crooks and chaos have come to the Napa Valley via an important political campaign. When your political opponents start vandalizing and stealing to make their point, you can rest assured that they’ve run out of anything sensible to say in support of their position. And this is exactly what has begun to happen in Napa Valley as supporters of Measure C turn to thieving and vandalism in lieu of issuing facts and debate. Proponents of Measure C, the land grabbing initiative…

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