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Jun 5, 2018

Leaving Wine Country and the High Cost of Success

Wow…talk about being a victim of success: “Forty-six percent of Bay Area residents surveyed said they are likely to move out of the region in the next few years — up from 40 percent last year and 34 percent in 2016, according to a poll released Sunday by business-backed public policy advocacy group the Bay Area Council. The numbers show a disturbing trend in one of the nation’s most expensive housing markets: Workers desperate for a better quality of life…

Nov 30, 2017

13 Years of Learning About Wine Blogging

On this date, 13 years ago, this wine blog was born. That comes out to exactly 3,100 posts, 22,800 comments and more than 2.4 million trapped spam comments. In reviewing what I’ve learned in those 13 years of blogging about the wine business, wine politics, wine culture and wine PR I can list the following with a high degree of confidence: All wine blogging is wine writing, but not all wine writing is wine blogging Write and blog with a…

Oct 31, 2017

Update on Wine PR Guy Tom Wark (Me) and this Fermentation Blog

I haven’t done an “update” of me or this site for readers in some time. Almost ever. So, it was about time. Here’s how to navigate and understand this blog and me: About the Fermentation Blog I mainly write about the wine business, wine media, and the link between wine and culture. I love to get story pitches and often respond well to them, but It’s best to keep the pitches aimed at the topics above. I don’t accept paid…

Dec 18, 2016

Wine, Winter, Cassoulet and Napa’s Chill

The days are becoming quite short here in Napa Valley, again. We’ve also had unusually chilly weather. It’s nothing like what our friends in the Upper Midwest and eastward are confronting. There they get industrial grade cold. No, it’s merely unusually chilly here. Low 30s. High 20s. Still, the cold and the short nights, along with the barren vines, remind us we do in fact live through seasons and winter is one of them. For me, the physical onset of…

Nov 18, 2016

There But For the Grace of Booze Go I

I’m not a religious man. And I know Thanksgiving originated as an opportunity to express thanks to God. Still, on Thanksgiving I begin to think seriously about those things for which I am grateful and thankful. Some of those things are booze and wine related. I Am Thankful For: 1. My Clients All of my clients are booze and wine related. And I am grateful for their support and confidence and what they teach me. 2. A Well Made Cocktail…

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