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Oct 26, 2016

Papa Oom Mow Mow

I made a mental note to myself today: “Ask winemakers if the wine they made in the first few years of their first child’s life was either not as good as it had been before parenthood or if it was more difficult to make.” It’s a question that concerns me for the simple reason that I’m absolutely positive I’ve lost a good chunk of both IQ and creativity in the two and a half years since Henry George was born….

Aug 23, 2016

The Best Wine Blogger Steps Back

It’s interesting and notable. Steve Heimoff is first and foremost a wine writer. His long stints writing for The Wine Spectator, then writing from the position of Senior Editor at the Wine Enthusiast, and through is two books on wine make this clear. And yet, he is also the best wine blogger wine blogging has yet seen. Steve announced his retirement on Monday. He announced he is not only leaving his most recent position as a communicator at Jackson Family…

Jul 26, 2016

The Best Booze Related Job I’ve Seen in Age

Boy, how cool would it be to hand out business cards that read: Joe Blowe Beer Historian/Scholar Smithsonian Institution Someone is going to get to be that person since the Smithsonian Institution is indeed hiring for such a position. If you are wondering if your many years of downing craft beer qualifies you, the position requires a bit more: “Candidates with an advanced degree in American business, brewing, food, cultural, or similar specialization within history are encouraged to apply.” The…

Dec 22, 2015

A Wine Blogger’s Resolve

As I’ve said before, New Year resolutions are good. They focus your attention on what one should do, if only for that moment while considering the resolutions. Plus, if you are a stick-to-it kind of person they provide you with presumably worthy goals for the next six months. So, I have a few resolutions for 2016. 1. Drink Up More of My Cellar It’s starting to pile up. Plus, I don’t drink nearly enough. Also, now that my son, Henry…

Dec 1, 2015

Blogging With the Anti-Wine Blogger

Today marks the finish of the 11th year of publishing FERMENTATION. That’s 11 years, 132 Months, 4,015 days, 96,360 minutes as a blog publisher. I still call myself a blogger rather than a “publisher” or “communicator”. It just seems right. The 2,938 posts that I’ve put up in that time are in fact “posts”, not articles. And I only publish me. So, it’s still a “Blog” However, I’ve not posted nearly as much in the past year as I have…