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Mar 17, 2011

Beer Wholesalers Turn Into Cybersquatters

Now alcohol wholesalers aren't content with working as hard as they can to keep you from the wines you want. They don't just want to slap down free trade. Now they want to slap down Free Speech. The National Beer Wholesalers Association, the middle men behind the Wholesaler Protection Act (HR 1161), have squatted on the following domain names:  Last year after HR 5034 (the predecessor to HR 1161) was introduced, the Specialty Wine Retailers Association decided they would…

Mar 17, 2011

New Wine Bill In Congress Takes Aim at Consumers

As promised, America's beer and wine wholesalers have again convinced a congressman to introduce what can only be called the "Wholesaler Protection Act". What was hr 5034 last year is now HR 1161. Representative Jason Chaffetz (R) from Utah is the main sponsor. HR 1161 is identical to the second version of last year's bill. If passed, HR 1161 would give states complete protection from legal challenges if they pass laws that: -Discriminate against out-of-state retailers from shipping wine into…