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Feb 4, 2005

The Biggest Wine Companies in the Land

Wine Business monthly’s annual list of the Top 30 U.S. wine companies arrived yesterday in the mail. It had the usual list of companies. To wit: 1. Gallo 2. Constellation Brands 3. The Wine Group 4. Bronco Wine Company 5. Beringer 6. Trinchero 7. Brown Forman 8. Kendall-Jackson 9. Ste. Michelle Wine Estate 10. Diageo Chateau & Estates 11. Allied Domeq 12. Heck Estates 13. Delicato 14. Vincor 15. C. Mondavi & Sons 16. Don Sebastiani & Sons 17. Ironstone…

Jan 28, 2005

I Take No Responsibility…Now, Give me Money!!

Where does personal responsibility end and corporate responsibility begin? For me, this question has always been answered by determining who was primarily responsible for causing the effect. So, if I drink too much zinfandel, walk to my car, get in, start the ignition, drive away, then break my neck when I drive into a tree I pretty much have to identify myself as the causing the effect. I mean who else could be responsible for this? Do I point to…

Jan 26, 2005

The Snowballing of Moderate Wine Consumption

The way by which facts, ideas or myths become accepted and common knowledge among the broader public is an important dynamic. Politicians and marketers in particular study the mechanics of how something moves from below the radar to above it. In public relations one of the rules that govern the practice is that if you say it over and over and over again, eventually "IT" will become common knowledge. The idea that wine in moderation is good for you first…

Jan 19, 2005

Gallo: Scary Smart is What They Are

Corie Brown of the Los Angeles Times has written what must be the most intriguing and thought provoking article on wine marketing to appear in a daily newspaper in years. I’ve read it three times today. The article concerns the Gallo strategy of creating new brands in France and Italy, how they produce wines for an "Americanized" palate, and the research that gets them to the what are essentially, pretty, bland, wines for wine chuggers. The dismissiveness that top Gallo…

Jan 17, 2005

Sideways Marketing

Over at Spittoon, Andy makes note of the fact that the movie Sideways isn’t just inspiring awards but also some marketing angles, particularly a map of the Santa Barbara wine country through the Sideways lens. Well, this must only be the beginning. Over at, the online auction house, they are marketing a selection of wines that have were featured in one way or another in the movie. Not just the Santa Barbara Pinots, but also the Bordeaux, Italian and…

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