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Jan 10, 2005

What makes for a good wine review?

Tasting notes and wine reviews are the bread and butter of wine writing. Everyone who writes about wine must at some point, if not most of the time, write a review of a wine. In the end, this is what the majority of readers want to know: what does the wine taste like. What makes for a good wine review? Obviously the components of wine provide for the structure of any wine review: color, aroma, taste, stucture. The worst wine…

Jan 5, 2005

Review of the Wine Media: Colorado Wine News

The fourth in a series of reviews of wine publications THE COLORADO WINE NEWS Harold Baer is a soft-spoken man with a lot to say about wine. He says it primarily through The Colorado Wine News, a quarterly newsletter–a publication with a name the indicates its geographic origin, and not its focus. The focus of TCWN is on wines that taste good and who makes them. Each issue is roughly 30 pages long with nearly 95 percent of the publication…