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Feb 21, 2005

Wine=Alcohol=Heroin ??

Dealing in degrees and dealing in subtlty is not what those in alcoholic recovery or the alcoholic recovery community to very well. This was made perfectly clear in an article in the New York Times on Sunday that asked if the Oscar nominated movie "Sideways" was really just a lens pointed at the antics of an alcoholic, rather than a wine lover. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I really don’t think the notion that the Sideways character Miles…

Feb 17, 2005

Wine Vocabulary and the Style Debate

Among the many debates that motivate wine lovers is the one that pits lovers of superripe, high pH, heavily extracted wines against those who prefer more structured, nuanced, higher acid wines. Some people will define the debate as "Traditionalists" vs "Parkerites". Others describe the debate as between "terroirists" vs "NewWorlders". Either way you phrase the debate, and it is a complex one that touches on every element of grapegrowing, winemaker and marketing, it is in essence a debate over style….

Feb 17, 2005

Wine Media on Drugs

It strikes me as one of the weirder wine would acquisitions, but who am I to fault a company for wanting to play in another industry. Now follow this… Decanter, one of England’s and the world’s great wine magazines reports that Harpers, the UK’s oldest and again, one of it’s best wine publishers, has been purchased by Ergo Science Corporation, an American pharmaceutical company that got out of the pharmaceutical business all together. Harpers had been owned by Highbury, a…

Feb 14, 2005

Pinot Noir, Sex and the Backseat of a 65 Corvette

It being St. Valentines Day, I was looking for just the right post, or just the right words. to tie together the day of love and wine. No matter what I did, I couldn’t think of anything except a wonderful article written a few years ago by Michele Anna Jordan for Wine Enthusiast Magazine: "Sex and the Single Grape". You should read the entire article, but this excerpt gets to the heart of the matter: "Pinot noir has me in…

Feb 14, 2005

Review of the Wine Media: WINE BUSINESS MONTHLY

This is the eighth in a series of reviews of the wine media WINE BUSINESS MONTHLY (Disclosure: Tom Wark has written for Wine Business Monthly on two occasions) The measure of any publication is made by evaluating it’s ability to give you accurate information about the issues that concern you. By this standard of measurement there is no single reason why anyone who works in the wine industry or with the wine industry should not subscribe to Wine Business Monthly…