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Apr 14, 2006

Holding Your Nose…and hoping for the best

It’s not something to be proud of, but it’s often the case. Sometimes, when you’ve been working for long long time on something and you just want it to be over, you are willing to accept a conclusion to the project that you know just isn’t the best it could be. But, it does bring the project to a conclusion so you accept mediocrity. Most of us take this route from time to time, but the problem with it is….down…

Mar 8, 2006

A New Voice For Wine Retailers

The battles over direct shipment of wine across state borders has largely been a fight between wineries and wine wholesalers, the former wanting the right to ship wine direct while the latter hoping to stop it all together. What’s been missing from the discussion has been the voice of wine retailers. That’s likely to change with the creation of the Specialty Wine Retailers Association. The creation of a number of companies that rely on direct shipping, SWRA will work to…

Mar 3, 2006

Illinois Wine Controversy Settled

The most controversial political issue in Illinois over the past few months has apparently come to an end with a compromise struck between Illinois 63 wineries and the states’ wine and beer wholesalers. The upshot of the compromise is wineries in Illinois and across the country will have the right, after payng for a license, to ship up to 12 cases per year to an individual, while Illinois wineries have lost their right to sell direct to retailers and restaurateurs….