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Mar 6, 2006

End of the World Coming on Wednesday

I’ve never actually met a "headline writer". I’ve met a professional obituary writer. But never a headline writer. It strikes me, however, that the headline writer might be the most important person in the media when it comes to establishing the conventional wisdom. Example 1: "Australians Lose Taste For Wine" Example 2: "Wine Sales Slip over Past Year" Same story, same media outlet. One true, one so completely off the target as to defy imagination. If you are browsing headlines,…

Feb 22, 2006

Wine PR Rules #33 and #34

How Not To Practice Wine Public Relations: Rule #33 and #34Rule #33: DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE CONTACTING A WRITERJamie Goode relates a hilarious, but sad, example of a PR Person for a large UK Grocery chain who contacted wine writer Tim Atkin of the Observer in London asking if Mr. Atkin would be interested in occasionally quoting a Master of Wine in his columns. The PR person offered all the strong arguments for including the thoughts of a Master of…