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May 30, 2006

A Witness to the Tasting

I suspect we’ll be seeing more of this in the wine writing world in the weeks to come. Scott Tracy is the sommelier at La Toque in Napa Valley and very well known for his expertise. He also maintains a blog and has written about his experience at the recent re-enactment of the Paris Tasting. It turns out that Scott poured and worked the tasting. Scott’s a pretty astute guy and mentions something that I never thought of when writing…

May 1, 2006

The Pitiful Bordelais

Mark Fisher over at Wine Sediments gives us the heads up on a development which is at once pitiful while also indicative of the crisis that exists in the French wine industry. Fisher reports and comments on the fact that at the upcoming "redo" of the famed Paris Tasting of 1976, at which American wines surprising bested French wines and put this country’s vino on the map, will in fact not be a BLIND tasting as it was the first…

Feb 24, 2006

The RE-Judgement of Paris

We’ve all known it would happen some time. Thirty years hence is as good a time as any, I suppose. Yet, I can’t help but think it’s being undertaken as a form of vengeance, rather than what it’s being called: "A Celebration". Decanter Magazine reports that the famed Paris Tasting of 1976 will be recreated, this time simultaneously on two continents and hooked together via video link. The original tasting, when French tasters choose California wines over French wines in…