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Mar 17, 2006

Is $1.2 Million Enough for Sonoma Wine Country?

$1.2 Million It’s not a huge amount, but it is enough to garner some attention. This is the amount money that will be raised if Sonoma County grape growers vote to institute a self assessment to fund a "Sonoma County Wine Grape Commission"whose mission it will be to promote the Sonoma County as a grape growing, wine making haven. The vote among Sonoma County grape growers is set for May. Based on the story in the Press Democrat it appears…

Mar 10, 2006

What’s in a Winery Name?

I met yesterday with potential clients who had an interesting dilemma. They had just purchased a winery that had been around for about 10+ years. In recent years the brand wasn’t doing to well, a combination of factors had led it to reduce its production and have a good deal of older inventory on hand. The dilemma: Do they stay with the same name for the winery or do they change the name. What’s interesting about this question is that…

Feb 22, 2006

Wine PR Rules #33 and #34

How Not To Practice Wine Public Relations: Rule #33 and #34Rule #33: DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE CONTACTING A WRITERJamie Goode relates a hilarious, but sad, example of a PR Person for a large UK Grocery chain who contacted wine writer Tim Atkin of the Observer in London asking if Mr. Atkin would be interested in occasionally quoting a Master of Wine in his columns. The PR person offered all the strong arguments for including the thoughts of a Master of…