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Apr 18, 2006

On Snobs and Sauvignon Blanc

I’m a sucker for bomb throwers. That’s probably why I really liked reading Mike Steinberger’s article on Slate today entitled, "White Lies: Why Sauvignon Blanc is Overrated""Simply put, the grape (Sauvignon Blanc) is a dud, producing chirpy little wines wholly devoid of complexity and depth, the very qualities that make wine interesting and worth savoring. For years, this offensively inoffensive grape has escaped criticism while chardonnay and merlot have been scorned. The free ride ends here." Of course he’s wrong…

Apr 3, 2006

A Great Wine Can Still Be A Great Value

I find myself, every day, becoming more and more anamoured with Sauvignon Blanc. And this goes for well aged Sauvignon Blanc too (let’s not get carried away: well aged usually means 6-10 years old) I was surprised to learn that of all the mainstream varietals, Sauvignon Blanc is one of the few that has never attained a perfect score from Robert Parker. I can’t speculate why this would be other than, simply, he’s never tasted a perfect example. I don’t…