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Feb 22, 2006

Wine PR Rules #33 and #34

How Not To Practice Wine Public Relations: Rule #33 and #34Rule #33: DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE CONTACTING A WRITERJamie Goode relates a hilarious, but sad, example of a PR Person for a large UK Grocery chain who contacted wine writer Tim Atkin of the Observer in London asking if Mr. Atkin would be interested in occasionally quoting a Master of Wine in his columns. The PR person offered all the strong arguments for including the thoughts of a Master of…

Feb 21, 2006

Top 2005 Pinot Noirs

I think it’s fair to say that Pinot Noir is the most exciting area of winemaking in California today. The Pinot Noir category is churning up new producers. Newer Pinot producing regions are strutting their stuff. And, various styles of Pinot Noir are lining the shelves, one next to the other, from the more elegantly styled to the blockbuster powerhouses. It’s really a time of great experimentation and change when it comes to Pinot. This is why it’s so exciting…