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May 21, 2014

Perfection Is Possible

In the past on this site I’ve written more than once about the notion of perfection (in wine). We’ve debated if it’s possible. What it means to call something perfect. What it implies. I don’t know if I’ve ever been sure that perfection is possible. Now I’m sure. I’m positive perfection is possible. Please welcome Henry George Wark. Our Little Project. Born: 8:26am, Wednesday, May 21    

May 11, 2014

Planning is Key in Wine PR and Baby Making

Successful wine public and media relations almost always revolves around a well thought out plan. The messaging is understood and can be easily articulated. The avenues and channels through which the brand message will be funneled is laid out. Each messaging channel demands a somewhat different story telling device. Planning is essential. Planning is good. Planning leads to success. It’s not unlike unleashing a new human on the world. You need a plan. My beautiful wife Kathy and I have…

Apr 17, 2014

The Great Post-Baby Wine Debate

It has become an ongoing conversation in our home as Our Little Project is nearly done fermenting inside the womb and is set to arrive in just a few short weeks: What shall be the wine that Mother Kathy pops when, after 9 months of abstaining from the nectar, she finally returns the world of the swilling? I’ve been lobbying for champagne, since I too will likely be joining the new mother in her celebration of her return to real…

Apr 2, 2014

Important Questions Answered About Wine Photography

For anyone who has tried to take a picture of a wine bottle for use in either a printed piece or even online, they know the skill and talent it takes to produce something beautiful and useful. It’s both the shape of the bottle of the reflection thrown by the bottle that usually presents the challenge. I always recommend wineries have professionals take shots of the their bottles rather than trying to do it themselves with some camera phone or…

Mar 10, 2014

Naming Wine, Naming Boys and Taking the Throne of England

I’ll never forget when a former client informed me they were going to release a new red blend and that they had come up with a proprietary name for it: “LUCRE”. I paused, then explained that the term “Lucre” is generally modified with the term “Filthy”, as in “Filthy Lucre”. The term originates in the Bible in First Timothy 3:3. Turns out also that book of the bible and in that verse we learn what qualities a bishop of the…