Russell Crowe Saves Wine?

Virginie Boone over at WineAbout (the newest journalilst-written wine blog) has a really interesting post on an upcoming wine movie that features Russell Crow and set to debut in November.

About the upcoming film, entitled "A Good Year", Boone writes:

"The success of "Sideways" must have finally gotten the Hollywood types
thinking… maybe the inherent romance of wine can fill seats on the
big screen. The time to strike is certainly now."

She’s right, isn’t she.

It strikes me further that a film offering a glimpse into  the bucolic  side of wine, the way vineyard settings can capture the mind and heart of those who spend time in them, and an alternative to snakes, terrorism, psychosis and guns that seem to be a staple in the media will in fact do quite well (Russell Crowe doesn’t hurt either).

The question is will it have a similar affect on the consumption of and interest in wine the way the film "Sideways" did. Sideways would never have had the impact it did had it not been in contention for an Oscar. So, if director Ridley Scott can pull of a great film, if the focus on the wine and vineyards is substantial and if the movie is in Oscar contention who knows what might happen.

Read Virginie Boone’s Post at WineAbout

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  1. Mike - August 22, 2006

    I hope the plot on this is better than the book by Mayle, which really does stretch the imagination. With Albert Finney its sure to have some style to the acting, and Crowe will probably do his usual over-the-top, I deserve another Academy Award, job. Compared to Sideways, the vineyard may be bit more of a theme in this one. But I doubt we will see any Maya moments on the life of wine. Pity.

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