The Music of Kermit Lynch

Kermit.temptation The phrase "Good'ol Kermit" comes to mind when listening to the new collection of songs by wine retailer/importer/producer/writer Kermit Lynch. The new CD, entitled "Man's Temptation", has a more folksy/country quality to it than his last and initial effort, "Quicksand Blues", which was pronouncedly more bluesy.

Kermit Lynch has always struck me as having something of a rebel/bohemian quality. But his foray into music making over the past few years just confirms this. The songs off the new CD show a soulful man indulging in his love.

Kermit writes four of tunes on the new CD with some other selections coming from Curtis Mayfield, Dylan and others. I prefer his more uptempo efforts including "Down in the Flood", "Buckle Up Boogie" (a tune written by Lynch) and "The Fool".

I admire Lynch. I admire him primarily for his pioneering efforts to bring great French wines to the United States. But I also admire the man for so forthrightly pursuing his love of music and for his willingness, in the process, to bare his soul.

"Man's Temptation" releases on September 22. You can put in pre-orders at Kermit Lynches shop or online HERE, at the Kermit Lynch website page where he sells his earlier recording and will doubtlessly be selling this newest effort. You can also find it on Amazon.

Better yet, join Kermit Lynch and Alice Waters at an event Celebrating the 37th Anniversary of Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant and the introduction of "Man's Temptation"

All Proceeds benefit the Chez Panisse Foundation.

The details are:
Wednesday, October 7, 7pm
Great American Music Hall
$125 (tax deductible!)
All-Inclusive Price: Entrance to the event, copy of the CD, wine, food (menu designed by Alice Waters), and a live performance by Kermit Lynch and his band.

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  1. Peety - August 28, 2009

    Quicksand Blues is the title, not Quicksand and Blues. Nice write up!

  2. Clark - August 28, 2009

    You can check out some of the tracks from the new cd at Kermit’s myspace

  3. Greg Roberts - August 31, 2009

    Kermit Lynch IS the real ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World’
    Seriously. Importer, published author, recording artist, what’s next?

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